Tuesday, 11 December 2012

4 Facts About My Partner

Hye, Assalamulaikum. Today I want to story 4 fact about my partner. Who my partner? My partner is Nabilah Binti Bistamam. You all can call her Bella. She was born on 2nd January 1993. She lives at Muar Johor. She is the fourth out of five siblings. Four fact about Bella are:

1)She like pink color because pink color is suitable for ladies.

2) She doesn't like cat because she has many bad experience during childhood.

3) She like to sit at her room alone because she like to watching movie such as Running Man.

4) She hate nut so much because if she eat nut, pimples will come out on her face.

After we have finished our presentation, Miss Zu ask to our classes to take a piece of paper.She write in white board " THAT'S SHOCKING".  I'm blur about this topic. That's Shocking? Ha? When she explained about this topic, I ask Zu about this topic.I don't have any idea to write about this topic. Let's read my fact that's shocking:

1) Before I go to class, I does not wash my face.

2) When I saw the handsome boy in One Segamat, I fall in love with him.

3) After 12.00p.m, I went to Intan Food Court to buy some food for lunch. But my food price are very expensive.

My fact are shocking? Haha:) Of course not. I have no idea to write. When we have written about the facts, Miss Zu asked to make the paper to a jet shape then we need to fly our jet. After Miss Zu said stop, then we must pick up one jet and read in front of the class. When I pick the jet, I get my own jet. Finally, I read the facts that's shocking about myself.

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