Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Argumentative Essay

Assalamualaikum. Today Miss Zu teaches us about Argumentative essay. She said argumentative essay must have words “should be”. For example you have been asked to write an article entitled “Why Sports Should Be made Compulsory in School” for your College bulletin. Now, I can understand how to differentiate types of essay. Miss Zu gives topic about “Organ Donation Should Be Encouraged among Malaysian”. She wants our classes do the thesis statement. Then Miss Zu chooses Sarah and Bariah thesis statement for give example to our class. Sarah agree in the thesis statement while Bariah disagree in the thesis statement.

So, thesis statements agree:
Although, organ donation brings negative perception towards Malaysian society, here are strong evidence that organ donation should be encouraged among Malaysian to give a second life to the patient.

Thesis statements disagree:
Despite the claim that organ donation is seen as noble action and gives benefit towards people who needed, organ donation should not be encouraged among Malaysian because it can affect not only the donors but as well as the donors’ family.  

Before end the class, Miss Zu give homework to our class which are write argumentative essay. The topics that she gives are “Women are becoming bolder as well as more aggressive and men are more sensitive. Agree or disagree with this statement. Support your opinion with reasons and examples”. We must submit an essay at Monday, 18 March 2013.

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