Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Assalamualaikum. Happy New Year !! Today my class as usual at block U. Miss Zu started our class with continue presentation about topic for term paper. Sarah, Syafiqah, Zubaidah and I still not done yet. Miss Zu  was rejected again my topic. Huh !! I and Zubaidah feel so sad and very tired to do a same thing everyday.  Miss Zu give me a time to search a new topic and prepare more topic.

After presentation, Miss Zu teaches us summarising topic. Formula for summarising is MIDAS.

M- main idea.
     Identify main idea from topic sentence

I- Identify supporting details.

D- Disregard unimportant information.

A- Analyze redundant information.

S- Simplify, categorize and label important information.

Our class for today finish a little bit early because Miss Zu has meeting to attend. Before end our class, she give some activity about summarising.

Tornado is powerful, twisting windstorm.
* part of giant storm
* frightening
* also called twister or cyclone.

After summarising:
Tornado are frightening,powerful,twisting, windstorms sometimes called twisters or cyclone that start in giant storm cloud.

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