Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Before We Submit

Assalamualaikum. Today our class at computer lab. Our classmate still doing outlining term paper because date of submission before holiday. I and Zubaidah done finished the outlining and Miss Zu asked me and Zubaidah to change our outlining and commenting. I and Zubaidah changed our outlining to Sarah and Syafiqah group. Below are my group outlining:

I.  Introduction
Although the government authorized students to bring hand phone to school , there are strong claims that bringing hand phone to school will bring more negative result than positive ones.

II. Body paragraph
A)    Bringing hand phones to secondary school can make the lesson easier .

1. According to Kolb (2008) , hand phones which are popular among young students , might be measured as a motivational factor for learning . 
a) Through a hand phones , young students are able to comprehend their teaching almost anywhere and at anytime (Quinn, 2000; Mellow, 2005)

               Refutation : However , this statement is inconclusive .

2. Bringing hand phone to school may invite secondary students to misuse the phone .
a)  One of the misuses of hand phone is taking and sharing unsuitable graphic materials .
b) Bringing hand phone to school it  can help students to cheat in examinations easily .
i)  According to National Union of Teaching Profesion (NUTP) President , Hashim Adnan (2012) , bringing hand phone to school it would create more disciplinary problems among the young students .

B)    Many useful function and application for the hand phone .

1)  According to Shiratuddin & Zaibon (2009) , mobile game based learning is a good function of hand phone for secondary school students .
a)  Sometimes , students use the hand phone to calculate numbers in their Mathematics lesson or another subjects and with play the game that has quizzes can measure their performance .

                Refutation : Nevertheless , bringing hand phone to school will give the negative impact to students .

2. Hand phone will become a distraction in the student’s lesson .
a) New messages or incoming calls will surely disturb the secondary school student’s attention on what the teacher is teaching in front of the class .
 i)  According Hashim Adnan (2012) , bringing hand phone to secondary school would damage the young student’s concentration and can make more disciplinary problems .

C)    Students can use the hand phone during emergency cases which may occur anytime .

a) When the students become sick at the school , they have to return home late because of extra class or involve in accident , they can tell directly to her parents about it through the hand phone .
b) If the students are in a dangerous situation like being alone at the bus  stop or endanger by other students , they can call their parents or the polices for help .
c) When the students do homework and they do not know the meaning of sentences , they can use hand phone to search internet to find the meaning .

Refutation: To certain extent they are right. Nevertheless, the emergency cases do not happen often especially when the students are in the school areas. Begin with bring hand phone to school, it can create

2.  Increase social problem among secondary school students .
a)  Students use hand phone for online facebook , twitter and so on .
b) They use the hand phone to messages their boyfriend or girlfriend and this can make a social problem among secondary students .
i)       According to Dr Wee (2012) , many pregnant teenagers that’s among young school students who are under the age of 18 and also unmarried.

III .       Conclusion
Due to the evidences that have been proven by the researchers , it is really clear that bringing hand phone to secondary school is distract the secondary school student’s attention and it also can make a disciplinary problems that can create increasing number of social problems among them . 

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