Monday, 25 February 2013

Replacement Class @ Problem Solution Essay Games

Today we are two times class of BEL. Tonight is replacement class. At night class, we are doing problem solution essay. Miss Zu teaches our class about problem and solution essay. It has 2 patterns which are:


Problem 1, Problem 2, Problem 3
Solution 1, Solution 2, Solution 3


Problem 1, Solution 1
Problem 2, Solution 2
Problem 3, Solution 3

After Miss Zu had done explain about this essay, Miss Zu divided our class to 5 groups. I 'm group number 2 and Miss Zu give pattern 1 to make an essay. Each group has different topics and my group topic is "APPEARANCE OVER REALITY". There is our essay.

         In era globalization  the problem about the judgement is most popular now. Judgement is the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event. Our mind setting , our personal background will influences people about something bad and lack confidence is the common problems about judgement. Thus in order to solve these judgement, parents should give proper educate to change the children’s perception on judge the people, increase the confidence level also can avoid people to easily judge by their appearance.

Our personal background very important to educate their children. According to Teale, 1993 the parental involvement in their children’s education, the most influential of these four elements described by Teale are the personal background and economic background of parents. In addition, parents must be teach our children between right and wrong. Therefore, what they learn from their parents of the lives will impact our children for rest of their lives.

One way to solve the problem is parents should educate their children with the proper education. It is because the children’s behavior in their life will be determined by how much their parents put into their life. According to Charles Desforges (2003), Parents should gives full attention and proper education to their children due to get a significant positive effect on children’s achievement and adjustment. It is because mostly the children will follow what their parents do and think. If the parents think bad negative on how they judge a people by looking their appearance  the children will easily to influenced and at the same time the mentally of the children will be negative .Thus, the parents should think the best way on how to educate their children.

Moreover,people tend to judge others on appearance because of their mind setting.People tend to say that you can not judge book by it cover but we are not apply this in our live.Such as when you meet someone for the first time you will judge that person roughly for 10 second.This happen so naturally,without we realize we always judge people by they looks.According to (Swami,2007) beauty and physical appearance are importance.This show that if we meet someone that have good looking faces or beautiful we will assume that person is a nice person or vise verse.

Therefore, we all have the ability to change our mind set. According to “How to change,”(nd), to change our core inner beliefs upon which we base our view of ourselves and of the world”. But changing our mind set is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately, our mind-set regarding certain aspects of our lives are malleable and are based on our choice of meaning we give to things. We must develop a positive mind set by positive thinking together with an attitude. In short,  we cannot judge people by it’s cover or appearances.

            Another problem is why people judge other on appearance are for security reason.People are not going to admit it but this is the reality that we must face it.People judge other because they want to make themselves feel confident and look good to others. Based on (Mess,2007)”most people are very worried about what other people think of them.”People view is more important that be our self.

Hence, we have to increase the level of self confidence. All people have their own advantage and disadvantages, so we did not have to feel embarrassed and blame to other people to pretend yourselves. here were surely times in your life, you felt yourself not confident enough to fight with the problems. . According to “How to increase,”(2007), there were surely times in your life, you felt yourself not confident enough to fight with the problems”. So, people have to boost their confidence to avoid people judge them easily.

In conclusion, there are many reaction of having looking on sight appearance over  entity of life. This bad behavior can affect our self by judgement from other people.It can causes mentality and narrow mindedness thinking that may lead to the first people judgement. It also come from secluded spectacle of family that can be affected to this problem.  Beside, lack of courageous also can affect the judgement from people view. As the result,people cannot have a bad perceptions towards people before they know them and parents should play their positive role in this situation towards their children.Therefore,there are many ways to overcome this problem.

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