Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Speaking Practice @ Forum

Assalamualaikum. Today we doing forum. First group is Izani group and a title is "The Cost of things has sky-rocketed over the last five years. Managing our finances is becoming more and more difficult. Discuss the reasons for the price increases and suggest some solutions to this problem". Second group is Ika Ahmad group and a title is "The Malaysian public is not very concerned about cleanliness and good maintenance of public amenities. Discuss what the problems are and how we can encourage and give awareness to the public on this issue". Third group is my group.. Fourth group is Fikri group and a title is "As Malaysian continues to develop at a fast pace, the consumption of electricity in the country increases as well. How can the Malaysian public reduce their consumption of electricity? Suggest the most effective ways of conserving electricity. Give reasons for your choice". Fifth group is Athirah groups and a title is "Many young girls strive very hard to be thin. Some of them starve themselves to look thin while others induce vomiting, This has resulted in teenage eating disorders which affects their health. As a concerned citizen, suggest the best solutions to this problems.Give your reasons for your choice". Last group is Nadia Salehin group but their group not present today because don't have much time. They group present next week. I think the best host is Fikri because he makes laugh. The best panel is Faiz Adha because I like when her speaks in English. 

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